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Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning

(FEEL) Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning is an alternative health option for those seeking self exploration and personal discovery. The horse is honored as a co-therapist and teacher. Experiential learning- learning by doing allows individuals to gain self knowledge and acquire skills, from direct experiences. During these structured activities participants are in the center of their own experience, it’s a type of learning that allows instant feedback that you “feel” in your body.



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Hathaway farm

Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning

Where Horses Help Hearts Heal

Horses Healing People

It’s All About FEEL

What is FEEL?

Horses are comfortable with who you really are they teach you to be balanced by aligning mind, body and spirit, and they can see through the masks people wear, what society has dictated or influenced. Horses respond to the genuine person inside. Because, horses have the amazing ability to sense people’s true feelings, they help people recognize what attitude is no longer needed, old thought process and repetitive patterns can be recognized and released.

Through these facilitated activities participants have the opportunity to connect with a horse in a natural peaceful environment. Using mindfulness techniques and engaging with a horse from the ground, people learn more effectively finding their own answers from within. Horses connect with people’s heart energy opening up levels of healing that people have never felt before, “learning to recognize and express their true feelings” Spending time with horses in nature with other like minded people, gaining self knowledge and learning new tools for wellness, brings about a sense of empowerment and allows for change.

Ways Horses Help

  • Using mindfulness techniques during simple activities, helps improve focus and awareness.
  • Working with horses physically, allows you to train your body improving motor skills coordination, and speech.
  • Horse’s have a heart rate three times slower than humans, just being in the presence of a horse, and using a rhythmic brushing motion helps reduce stress levels and anxiety.

Equine assisted therapy is becoming increasingly popular and beneficial to the mental and physical well being of humans, it also helps create a sense of community where people can come and connect to nature. Horses can help people with their everyday life skills as well as helping those in need of rehabilitation.

 Spending time at Hathaway Farm and allowing yourself the opportunity to have a heartfelt interaction with another living being, looking into the big eyes of a horse and realizing that they are mirroring back what you are feeling inside, can be a life altering opportunity. It’s like looking into your own soul.

What we Offer

Our Services

During the sessions we work with helping individuals understand that emotions are messages, it’s the body’s way of giving information. Emotions are the energy that move us and “horses are masters of mirroring back to us what we feel inside”

Partner Therapy

Helping couples build solid foundations, improving verbal and non-verbal communication skills, building faith and respect with your partner.

Personal Development

Developing assertiveness and building self-confidence

Recognizing, setting and respecting healthy boundaries.

Learning to set goals and understanding what challenges or obstacles hold you back from achieving your goals.

Self Awareness

Self-awareness and self-discovery, connection with Mind, Body and Soul.

Releasing repetitive patterns of behavior.

Learning to release and manage Anxiety and Depression.

Emotional Processing

Working through Bereavement, Grief and Loss.

Learning balanced leadership that can be applied in the workplace, and in all relationships

There is much more, and the sessions can be customized to specific needs.

Individual private sessions, small groups and workshops are also available.

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What Drives Us

Our Mission

At Hathaway Farm Where Horses Help Hearts Heal we’ve strived to create a world of mutual respect, and harmony with all of nature. A place where every person, and animal enjoys a safe, special unique experience, expanding knowledge, and creating peace.

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Our Story

About Hathaway Farm

Who we are

Although mutual friends brought them together, it was their love of horses and helping others that united Isabel and Chuck on a personal and professional level. 

Both partners worked with the public for many years; Isabel as a hairstylist and college facilitator and Chuck as a farrier/blacksmith.

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On their 50-acre property, HATHAWAY FARM (Where Horses Help Hearts Heal), Chuck and Isabel have created a safe, non-judgemental, inclusive environment where all people can begin to heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

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