We Learn. We Teach. We F.E.E.L


We Learn. We Teach. We F.E.E.L

We are so blessed to work with such amazing people. Here are what our clients say about Hathaway Farm and our programs


What They Say

“I learned a lot about myself and validated my, abilities. “

Heidi Richard

“I wanted to thank Isabel, Anna-Marie, and Catilac for helping to open my heart, and to look forward. “

Gail Davis

“This has been quite the experience learning about myself with lots of help from Isabel and Anna-Marie. Mostly, the help from all the horses that participated. Great teachers’ great horses. “

Della Fellows

“Another incredible experience with Isabel, Anna-Marie, and the horses. It is amazing to watch and feel the horses helping us move through energy and drawing attention to what we need to focus on. This was an incredible workshop. The horses have a way of helping us explore the unknown or the uncomfortable aspects of ourselves in a safe space. I am forever grateful for the experience.”

Britt Smith

Spending time in the ring with the horse during the Workshop, was my favorite part. This experience has reawakened dreams and ideas that were pushed to the back of my mind, truly a great way to move forward. The horses and facilitators really know their stuff!

Ross Snider

Truly an amazing experience that cannot be explained. Only experienced firsthand.

Heather Simpson

I participated in a COVID friendly, insightful, and rejuvenating opportunity of self-discovery through the way of the horse!  I had retired from full-time employment just over two months before and was eager to reflect on the way I had lived my life to the present and to consider what changes I might want to make.  I was looking for a novel way to gain this insight and was fortunate to participate in a Release and Renewal Worksop.

The facilitators created a welcoming and accepting environment, consistent with the ambiance of the beautiful farm and the highly intuitive kind nature of the horses.  From the beginning until the end of the workshop – facilitators, participants, and horses interacted in a supportive and non-judgmental way with everyone encouraging the learning of the other.  Unlike many one-day workshops, the unique and experiential nature of this learning has stayed with me and continues to inform my decision-making and response to others. I am grateful to the facilitators and their horses for the compassion they showed me and the atmosphere of pure acceptance.

Kathy Parsons

This was an amazingly powerful combination for healing, to experience Isabel’s intuitive abilities in season with the horses is incredible. The profound wisdom that came from the horse that chose to work with me reflected a challenge I’ve been facing most of my life, which is setting and sticking to boundaries. It was a blind spot to me, as I thought I was doing well in this area. Since working with the horses I have felt shifts in my perspective, and have taken steps to stick to healthier boundaries, even if this means letting go of someone or something. This experience has been truly empowering!

Isabel makes you feel comfortable as she has a caring demeanour that is genuine, and really shines in the work. She explains the process well before and delivers information in a very gentle and non judgmental way, but also in a way that will challenge us. Her connection with the horse is very genuine, and loving they make the perfect team. The horses are beautiful, and highly intuitive.”

Samenna Khan

My heartfelt appreciation goes to Isabel Iaconis for the 2 amazing FEEL sessions I’ve done, along with my husband, Jeff Clendenning recently. FEEL is Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning–in which Isabel is certified as a facilitator. We worked with Isabel, her partner Chuck Hathaway (certified FEEL assistant facilitator) and 3 of their amazing horses: Cookie, Ray and Red.This profound process has given me an opportunity to delve deeply into my favorite topics: personal growth, self-awareness, intuition, animal communication, energy awareness, clarity of non-verbal communication and more! It is a gentle yet very powerful way to heighten your self-connection via direct feedback from the horse about your body language, intention and internal energy state. It has further deepened my love and respect for all animals and my desire to continue to connect with them in a calm and clear way

Lisa Dennys

This is a great way to learn skills for understanding and working with emotions, feelings, and unspoken messages.

Tiffany Dooklen

“It was amazing to connect with the horses from the heart, lots of authenticity welcoming space, and pure love”

Marie Demers

“A really powerful, and connecting day that I will never forget. The facilities, the guides, the horses are all magical, and a must experience. I feel forever connected, and inspired by the work being done here”

Maria Theirault

Our time with the horses….it was like magic! It put me more in touch with myself than I have been in years.

Sarah Fisher

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